A Wide Range Of Solutions

Managed Solutions of all sizes and shapes.

At its core, a Managed Solution is a method to secure the outside assistance of expertise for the management and responsibility of hardware or software systems.

Securiv specializes in the management of a wide array of infrastructure systems, cloud and security systems, and their related hardware.

Complete Managed Services

The traditional "arms reach" IT team, taking care of most aspects of the technology side of the business. Can be fully or partially provided remotely.

Co-Managed Solutions

Do you need an in-house expert? We offer consulting experience with our expertswrapped into a recurring package.

Patching & Remediation

No one enjoys patching but us! Let our staff take care of patch deployment, remediation, and reporting for you.

Short Term Assistance

Do you have an immediate need for some short term assistance? Contact us, we have solutions!

Security Ops

Do you need someone to manage your endpoint protection, or to perform regularly scheduled security compliance checks from a 3rd party?

Ongoing Consulting

We understand that once you find a Technical Guru, you may want to keep him close by. We support you in this endeavor.

Some Items To Think About

Monitoring Quality
What and how does your IT team currently respond to alarms?
Does your IT team have the right alarms?
How quickly did your team know about an outage?
Do they respond quickly after hours?
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Can They Speak Non-Tech and Non-Vendor
Large resellers love to sell Services but are lousy at it
Can they talk to you without selling to you?
Do you meet regularly?
Do you like them?
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How Advanced Are They?
Are you getting your reports in simple Word, Excel, and email documents?
Do you have a customer portal that actually works?
Does your IT provider get sensitive when you ask about their tech?
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Who We Are

Managed Services?

Not sure how to proceed or who to talk to? Give us a call, or send us a message. We promise a no-pressure, no hassle experience and can explain in real terms how we can help your organization.


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